Company Overview - STEM Applications - Tel: +1 (780) 459-8018

STEM Applications, specializes in consulting, design, installation, maintenance and continuous process improvement support for automated manufacturing operations. STEM understands the manufacturing business the production environment, where consistency and performance to standard is the way you make your margins. Our company forges long term relationships with our clients and becomes an integral part of your manufacturing success. STEM provides consulting, design, installation and maintenance support in all aspects of your control systems hardware and software on PLCs, HMIs, AC & DC drives, PCs, SCADA software systems, networks, temperature controls and more. In other words, our company supports all activities and any device that constitutes your control system. We also believe that availability is a critical aspect of business and so we support my local area client base with response times normally of less than 2 hours for emergencies. If you are looking for a company that believes in integrity and commitment to their clients, then STEM is the company you have been looking for.