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Timely completion of capital equipment installation and planned maintenance is your competitive edge. Have someone on your side who already knows what you want. Someone who will make sure your plant is running first. Someone who is working for you. I understand both sides of the start-up game. I understand your technical department. I understand the contractor. I understand the equipment and I understand your application. Let me help you put it together on time.

Commissioning and Start-ups

I provide project supervision and management for control projects. I provide quality consultation in all aspects of the project from specification to equipment buy-offs. I supervise assembly and conduct your commissioning phase through to qualification to insure your facility delivers its design potential. Then I'll even stay on-site to insure your facility continues to run the way you expect it to.
I've been doing it since 1992 (and before!) for many domestic and international clients. Please consider letting me do it for you.