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STEM can provide consulting, maintenance and modifications to manufacturing systems, as the client directs, for maximum productivity and safety. Bottom line safety combined with intelligent operator interfaces, data gathering and reporting for management give every layer of the plant a competitive advantage. We apply our years of experience in process control to reduce your downtime with service that puts production back up and operating quicker, through to data gathering and exception reporting for management that pin-points the most effective areas for maintenance and capital project planning.

PLC Programming

STEM provides PLC programming and documenting for many brands of PLCs. Whether you have the original programs or not, we can work with whatever you have and get your process back to the way you need it to run. We'll document it and back it up when we're done too.

HMI Programming

STEM provides HMI programming for many brands of operator interface devices from PC based packages to touch screen HMIs. No original programs? In 99% of the cases we can extract the program and reload it with the changes you need to keep you process working. And of course, it will be documented and backed up when we're done so you're getting your money's worth.

Industrial Network Support

No matter what age or state your PLC and manufacturing data network is in, STEM can maintain, extend or even plan with you to upgrade or replace it to get the connectivity you need to maintain PLCs and HMIs and extract data from your process.

Computer Aided Design
STEM can provide on-site design and as-built drawings. Our clients love having updated drawings even as the project is in progress. We'll set up your ACAD workstation in your new facility and conduct training as well. Insuring your engineering is kept up to date is money in the bank for future projects, daily troubleshooting and maintenance. If you're new to CAD, we'll show you how to do it and get your money's worth. If you're behind the 8 ball a little, we can bring you up to speed and leave you with a fully documented facility, ready for the next project.